A Documentary about four transgender women in the Migrant Caravan Traveling it to the border and seeking asylum.

The Right Girls is a documentary film following a group of four young transgender women traveling across Mexico within the high-profile migrant caravan in late 2018. Teaming up in Southern Mexico with a goal of reaching the U.S. Border to claim asylum, the girls jump trucks, hitch rides and use whatever means available to travel north.  As part of the LGBTQ community, they face additional risks.  Every day is a struggle to get enough food and stay safe.

Migration into the U.S., especially from Central America, is an extremely “hot button” topic, forming a key part of the current political discourse. As a counterpoint to much of the rhetoric which dehumanizes and demonizes migrants, this story demonstrates the very human motivations behind undertaking such a momentous and dangerous journey. The recognition and respect of LGBTQ rights is also very pertinent in America today. The President’s recent ban on transgender persons serving in the American military suggests a very significant roll-back on respecting the rights of transgender persons.  This places transgender migrants in a particularly precarious situation. 

Director, Timothy Wolfer met the girls in Southern Mexico and travelled alongside them to Mexico City, on to Tijuana and eventually to a remote dusty border post where they each requested asylum six weeks later. 


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