Timothy Wolfer

Timothy Wolfer, Director/Producer

For the last ten years Timothy Wolfer has been producing case study documentaries for non-profit organizations working within the humanitarian aid, international development and migration sectors. His work has taken him places like South Sudan to tell stories of the conflict, Bangladesh to cover stories of the Rohingya fleeing Myanmar, and Cuba as the country opened up to the first U.S. humanitarian assistance.  Timothy Wolfer filmed and produced the feature film “Adopting Haiti”, shot days after the 2010 earthquake; distributed though He has also produced numerous, short docs for PBS stations, winning him a regional Emmy. 


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Patrick Wright, Editor

Patrick Wright is an instructor at MICA and a New York-based filmmaker and editor. He has made films discussing HIV/AIDS, Clergy Sexual Abuse, and a profile of Ann Coulter, one of the most controversial political commentators of our day. Wright has co-produced the Oscar-winning short documentary, "Music by Prudence," as well as a number of short films that have screened in fine art galleries across the country, including Artist's Space in NYC. Wright edited the feature documentary Oyler, produced and directed by Amy Scott in association with Marketplace. Patrick was originally hired in the Photography Department with a mandate to develop a video major, which became a major in 2003. The Film and Video Department now has 40 undergraduate majors who produce video works in a wide range of forms, from narrative to documentary, experimental to installation work, and motion graphics to web-based multi-media projects. Most recently Patrick edited the film Boy Howdy, the story of Cream Magazine, that premiered at the SXSW Film Festival in 2019.


Siobhan Luikham, Associate Producer

Siobhan has worked for the last 6 years for non-profit organizations and the United Nations managing humanitarian emergency responses to refugee and other displacement crises around the world - including in South Sudan, Greece, Iraq, Bangladesh and Uganda. She understands that the decision to leave home is never taken lightly - and that the challenges and trauma do not end upon reaching a "safe" place. Siobhan seeks to improve public understanding of migration, so that we recognise all migrants as fellow human beings worthy of care and respect.


Manuel Enrique Caceres Del Castillo, Cultural Interpreter

Manuel moved to the United States from El Salvador in March of 2004. He soon received his International Baccalaureate certification and became a language immersion teacher in Baltimore City. In 2018, Manuel was named Dual Language Director at Archbishop Borders School in the historically diverse cultural center of Baltimore’s Highlandtown neighborhood. For the past four years, Manuel has worked closely with House of Ruth Maryland in the SI PUEDO Abuse Intervention program, providing psycho-educational tools for men to prevent emotional, physical, or sexual domestic abuse. He is a coordinator of the AMMPARO Network in DC and Maryland, which provides assistance to minors and families that arrive as immigrants to the US. He belongs to a network of volunteers who visit immigrant detention centers in the DMV, and he is the El Salvador coordinator of the Lutheran Synod of DC, which provides business education and psychological support for immigrants experiencing post-traumatic stress. Because of his personal and professional experiences, Manuel has a strong connection to the themes, struggles, and victories of the people who are forced to emigrate from the Latin American isthmus.

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AJ, Graphic Designer

Amador 'AJ' Jaojoco is a designer located in San Diego, CA. Originally an, Los Angeles native, he met Timothy Wolfer during their college days when they worked on the feature film 'Adopting Haiti.' Since, AJ has been a collaborator and consultant with Wolfer Productions for the past 10 years. He actively consults LGBT ally groups and organizations, specifically in conversations involving faith and religion. He is most passionate in projects that create new perspectives and bring awareness to populations in need.